Preparation & Practice

Just as any elite, professional human athlete requires a highly structured routine, strict diet, regimented training, and managed care; an elite, top-level horse is no different. 

On a daily basis, Sarah carefully manage her horses’ well-being through the following regimen:

  • Top quality nutritional feed and supplements

  • A purposive, goal oriented and customized training program 

  • Meticulous and frequent veterinary check-ups and care

  • Daily journaling to document their performance, tendencies, progress and any issues

  • Comprehensive cross training and well-being management: Eurosizer, hacks, Aquatread and daily turnout

Sarah's Current Horses

Kanjer TC 

Kanjer is a 2015 Dutch Warmblood gelding Sarah syndicated and imported from Holland in September of 2018. Kanjer came from the stables of well-known Dutch sport horse breeder Tim Coomans, who is responsible for producing several horses that have been extremely successful in Olympic Games over the past decade, including Ravel.


It took two trips to Holland, and rides on over fifty-five talented young horses, before Sarah found Kanjer. He immediately wowed Sarah with his raw talent and incredible disposition.


While Kanjer is still young, the teams goal for the next several years is for Sarah to qualify and compete him annually at regional and national competitions.


As Kanjer matures, and reaches the FEI levels of his training, the goal is for Sarah to ride him internationally for the United States.


Fuerst Domiro

Fuerst Domino is a 2010 Hanoverian gelding that Sarah purchased as a six-month old weanling, and has trained from when he was first able to be ridden as a four-year old. 


Sarah has competed Fuerst Domiro in the California, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida dressage show circuits. Currently, Sarah is competing Fuerst Domiro successfully at the Small Tour Level, and schooling all of the Grand Prix at home.