My strongest motivation over the next several years is to develop a string of talented horses, and strive to reach the goal of competing on the international stage for Dressage. As much as I want this, I cannot achieve it on my own.

Maintaining horses properly at the top level of the sport not only requires expertise and hard work, but also financial support.

Becoming an owner is a way to be intimately involved in the thrills and excitement of bringing a horse to the top levels of dressage. Ownership can take many forms – some prefer to be a full owner, while others may choose to become a partial owner or syndicate a smaller percentage of a horse.

Companies interested in sponsoring or owning a horse may have their company’s name incorporated into the horse’s registered competition name.


There are many benefits to being involved in ownership, including:


  • Insight into the sport of dressage; everything from horse 'buying trips' in Europe, to competition and awards ceremonies. 

  • Farm visits, videos and newsletter updates on your horse

  • The thrill of experiencing Dressage from an owner’s standpoint; receiving recognition at events and competitions

  • Team Gear and Apparel

Thank you for supporting my dreams and for your interest in learning about my passion. Without supporters, I could never reach my full potential and my ambition would never be completely achieved.  Your assistance, caring, and support drives me to keep improving each and every day.

~ Sarah

Pictured -

Sarah, Kanjer TC and owner Walter McDonald just after Kanjer and Sarah earned an 84%; receiving high point of the entire competition.

Kanjer TC was imported in September 2018 from a top producing barn in Holland. To date Kanjer is undefeated, and has earned high point in every competition he has been entered into.

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