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Kelly, Chris, Sarah and Bob selfie at a gas station in Holland; while on a horse-shopping trip in 2018. 

Frequent pitstops to refuel and buy abundant amount of Snelle Jelle breakfast cakes are a must!!

I am blessed to have a strong team behind me, including my dear husband Chris and two top-class dressage trainers.

Kelly Casey -Mykrantz 

When Chris and I moved back to California from the East Coast in 2017, I chose United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist Kelly Casey Mykrantz as my coach. Kelly and I have known each other through riding since we were young children, and she began a very successful training operation in 2002 called KC Dressage.


I have the highest respect for Kelly’s riding and coaching styles and knew that her program would be a great fit for my competitive aspirations. Kelly's own successes in the show arena are exceptional and she is incredibly devoted to helping her clients reach their goals.


In addition to the competition goals Kelly continues to help me work towards, she has also become one of my best friends. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to seamlessly run a full-time business and compete her own FEI-level horse, while being a loving wife and mother to two beautiful children.


Receiving consistent coaching in the sport has always been extremely important to me. To be a top dressage rider, much like everything else in life, I believe you are never done learning. Kelly and I are both dedicated to persistent improvement and refinement of our riding abilities. I feel very fortunate to have her as my coach and dear friend.


Pictured -

Kelly, Bob, Esther, Sarah, Chris and four legged friends.

Early morning group huddle at Bob and Esther's home in Southern Holland before heading out for a day of horse hunting.

Bob Tenwolde  

I met Kelly’s coach, Dutch rider Bob Tenwolde, shortly after joining her program. Kelly has ridden with Bob since the start of her own business. She has embraced his methods for building deep partnerships between horse and rider in her own training programs. Kelly and Bob’s friendship is built solidly on mutual respect for one another and a tremendous shared sense of humor. It became clear very quickly to me that the two of them work very hard for their success, but also love to laugh. Chris and I loved Bob from the first day we met him.


In addition to riding top horses at his own stables in southern Holland, which Bob manages with his wife and business partner Esther, he is a sought-after coach throughout Europe. As a result of his connections and reputation, Bob will often receive upwards of fifty videos of talented horses per day from top horse farms throughout Holland, Germany and Belgium. Bob balances a busy schedule of riding, coaching, and matching talented horses to clients with being a terrific family man and father to his two children.

After my first lesson with Bob several years ago it was clear what great insight he offers as a coach. When Chris, Kelly and I traveled to Holland in the summer of 2018 in search of a young and talented investment horse, the breadth of talented prospects we saw was overwhelming in the best way possible.

If you watch Bob teach, it takes only seconds to recognize how passionate he is about what he does. He gives 110% to each coaching session or buying trip he delivers to his clients. Bob’s passion, ethics, hard work, and sense of humor make the process of finding a talented horse overseas an unparalleled experience.